Remote Controls

Remote control options are endless!  Every motor is operated with radio frequency, and will respond to up to 12 remote controls.  Mix and match to fit your needs.

Hand Held Patio Transmitter:

  • Available in 4 channel or 1 channel design
  • Blue rubber trim prevents water damage
  • Center “my” button for “my favorite setting”
  • Easily hung on the wall
  • Lightweight design

Key Chain Transmitter:

  • Much like a garage door opener or vehicle remote
  • Two or four channel designs operate one unit per channel
  • Attaches easily to most key chains (does not include key ring)
  • Sleek black color and slim design

Decoflex In Wall Transmitter:

  • Recesses into wall like a light switch
  • No wiring required, radio transmitter
  • Single channel or multi channel design (multi shown)
  • Capable of individual or group control
  • White or ivory color (ivory special order)

Wall Mounted Transmitter:

  • Single channel design, operates single motor
  • No plugs or external wiring needed
  • Radio range up to 65 ft
  • Face mounting design
  • White color