New Construction

Incorporate multiple motorized screens into new construction or a remodel. It’s easy! If you’re in the process of designing your dream home, or renovating your patio, you can include motorized screens with just a few simple steps…

Start with a pocket to mount the brackets that will hold your screen assembly. Install the u-channels that will house the side tracks.

Once your brackets and channel are installed, the builders can wrap the channel with stucco, brick moulding, or whatever other materials are needed to complete the columns or walls. You must have access to the pocket. These removable access panels will allow you to get to the units during and after installation.

If you choose, instead of leaving an access panel visible, build the ceiling just above your opening, and conceal the motorized screen up in the attic. Just make sure you can acess the screens and roller assembly in the future.

Install the motorized screen unit for a clean, beautiful, disappearing screen system on your home.

Progressive’s manufacturer recommendations are available via architectural drawings.

Please call or email us for additional info or CAD files.