Residential Vinyl

Residential & Commercial Vinyl System

  • Progressive Screens is proud to introduce our vinyl system. This system allows you to control the temperature in your outdoor living space or outdoor dining area

  • In cooler climates, the system is designed to keep the warmth in and weather out 

  • In hotter climates it perfect for keeping the cold air in and converting your outdoor space into a 365/24/7 area 

  • Expand your outdoor living space into a multi season living area 

  • Expand your outdoor dining area into a year round profitable area, quick ROI 

  • Protects your patio area from rain, wind and debris 

  • Enhance the functionality of the outdoor space by extending the usage of the area in all seasons 

  • Pressed vinyl panels ensure clear visibility and dimensionally stable. The pressed panels are available up to a max width of 108” wide and 54” tall. 

  • Multiple fabric options are available for the border around the vinyl windows that will let you design the perfect combination that will enhance your patio or dining area. 

  • Energy Efficient: It is proven that our vinyl system offers year-round benefits. It slows the dissipation of conditioned air, and contains heat generated by heating systems, thus reducing the length of time normally need to run, saving $$! 

  • Our system is the only “Wide Span” Full “End Retention” system available up to 26’ wide and 16’ tall. 

  • *Easy to operate by remote control or integrated automation that allows control of the system from your tablet or smart phone using the My Link, Roll App, or RTS Interface

  • Patented MagnaTrack (U.S. Pat. No. 9,719,212) side track system and proprietary interlock allows easy deployment without hanging up like most competitive products. 

  • Proven System: Over the last several years we have built relationships with several National Restaurant chains and hotels across the country and Progressive Screens is the preferred vendor of choice.

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