Care And Maintenance

Strataglass Care & Maintenance For Clear Vinyl

Recommended Products for Cleaning:

IMAR Products. IMAR Strataglass Protective Polish, IMAR Strataglass Protective Cleaner, and mild soap (preferably) IMAR Yacht Soap Concentrate). Use of harsh cleaners like “Simple Green, Glass cleaners with Ammonia, and Orpine” will dull the curtains quickly. Using any other product(s) void the factory warranty.

303 Clear Vinyl Protective Cleaner is also approved for cleaning of Vinyl panels. 303 Clear Vinyl protectant offers superior protection against the harmful effects of UV rays. This product is all you need to safely clean and protect against yellowing and cracking of vinyl, clear vinyl, leaving a non-streaking finish.

  • NEVER use a wash-and-wax product on Vinyl panels.

  • WARNING – Use of Rain-X, Pledge, or Plexus on your Vinyl panels will appear to work for a short time but then dulls the surface and presents an “Orange Peel” effect. Do not use any of these products. 

  • Use of cleaners, polishes, scratch removers, or any other product made for regular, uncoated vinyl will damage your vinyl panels. Do not use these products. 

  • DO NOT HANDLE VINYL WITH SUNSCREEN ON YOUR HANDS! This will permanently cloud the vinyl where handled.


For the customer: We recommend using IMAR Strataglass protective Polish or 303 Clear Vinyl Protectant or cleaner every 1 to 2 months.

Note: All new vinyl can easily get impressions. It is recommended new enclosures be left in place to the extent possible. Vinyl “seasons” over time and becomes less impressionable. Roll all curtains down and fasten in place nightly to keep perfect appearance.

Cleaning: Apply the soapy water to the clear vinyl section of the curtain with special purpose washing mitt or soft cotton cloths. Thoroughly rinse the soapy solution with fresh water and completely dry the curtains with a high quality chamois. After washing the curtains, apply 303 or IMAR Strataglass Protective Polish sparingly with small, light circular motions using a soft cotton cloth. Allow the polish to dry and then remove with a clean soft cotton cloth. Finally, lightly buff to a sparkling shine. For routine maintenance between polishing, use IMAR Strataglass Protective Cleaner. Insure the clear vinyl panels are free of abrasives. Very lightly mist a soft cotton cloth. Lightly and briskly rub a manageable sized area and then lightly buff dry with another clean cloth.

Restoring: Some actual damage cannot truly be repaired. If 303 or IMAR Protective Polish cannot restore the clarity and shine, it may be time to consider replacing the enclosures.

Twitchell Insect & Sun Control Warranty 

Twitchell Corporation produces durable, all weather fabrics that are unmatched for quality and durability. Alt 100% Textilene® brand fabrics used in insect or sun control applications are covered by a 10 year limited year warranty from the original date of purchase against defects of workmanship and materials, and/on excessive loss of strength from normal exposure conditions, including sunlight, rot, mildew, or atmospheric chemicals that might render it unserviceable. This warranty is extended only to the original purchaser of material.

If the product has been subject to damage, neglect, unreasonable or improper use or care, exposure to corrosive chemicals, accidents, vandalism, acts of God, or other causes not arising from defects in original material or workmanship, this warranty is void. Twitchell does not endorse or certify end users and customers must test the fabrics for their specific applications.

In the unlikely event that the fabric should fail during the warranty period, Twitchell will issue a credit or replace the fabric at Twitchell's discretion. A copy of the original purchase order must accompany all warranty claims. Twitchell Corporation is liable for the cost of the fabric only and does not accept responsibility for any other costs associated with a company's specific application.

Any defects found in regard to fabric construction, color, strength, or dimension that exist at the time of delivery must be reported to Twitchell Corporation in a reasonable period of time and before any fabrication or alteration of the fabric.

Proper care includes regular cleaning. We recommend cleaning your fabric at least twice annually for residential applications and more often for high traffic areas or contract applications.

Cleaning Instructions 

To clean all Textilene® Brand Fabrics, sponge with a solution of one-cup mild detergent with one-cup household bleach in three gallons of water. Rinse thoroughly with clear water and air-dry completely. Treat any stains as soon as possible. Do not use any abrasive household cleaners.