One screen. Multiple
lines of defense.

Our patented system is built for unparalleled impact absorption from category five hurricane winds, exceeding 156 mph. The defender series also offers year-round protection from storms, insects, sun and glare, while providing the quality, durability and reliability you’ve come to expect from MagnaTrack Solar and Insect Screens.

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Hurricane Defense

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Insect Protection

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Solar Protection

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For year-round protection

No matter the time of year, Defender Screens can always be to be used 24/7 and 365 days a year. Our patented system is built for unparalleled impact absorption, delivered by our MagnaTrack technology.


Certified system

Our Defender System meets or exceeds Miami Dade and Florida building code requirements for roll-down hurricane screens (the strictest hurricane codes on earth). It also exceeds the performance criteria of the following standards, with spans of up to 30 feet:

  • ​​ Checkmark TAS 201, 201, 203, 203-94
  • Checkmark ASTM E330, E1886 & E1996
  • Checkmark Florida Product Approval: #FL30798
  • Checkmark Design Pressure up to +/- 200 PSF

Our hassle-free design eliminates 98% of service issues

Our one of a kind, MagnaTrack System (US Patent No. 9,719,292) works on a dual pull magnetic system and eliminates nearly 98% of common service issues associated with other motorized screens. Unlike fixed track or zipper systems, MagnaTrack is the only system in the world that uses magnetic fields to dampen the impact of wind loads and flying debris while maintaining a flat and uniform screen surface appearance when deployed.


Goodbye zippers, hello MagnaTrack

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No Jams

Our zipper-free system is impossible to jam.

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No Snags

Our top quality, strong screen mesh prevents snags.

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No Hang-ups

Rare earth neodymium magnets prevent screen hang-ups.

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No Re-wraps

The strongest natural magnets in the world prevent the need for re-wraps -- unlike every other competitor screen.


Get inspired

We can handle both commercial and residential applications with custom sizes up to 30 feet wide x 20 feet tall (limitations apply).


Get to know our system

Effortless deployment

Our low friction Keder Interlock means your screen is secure with absolutely no zippers.

Strongest yet quiet operation

Our magnet track has more than 10x the pulling force of any other system in the market!

Self-Adjusting Sidetracks

Our innovative design prevents openings and fabric bellowing in windy conditions.

Adjustable Roller System

Made to reduce wrinkled edges for a clean aesthetic appearance.

Weighted bottom bar

Rated the heaviest in the industry with retention locks to stay in place.

Aluminum Housing Brackets

For utmost strength and durability. Coated in glass filled nylon to eliminate corrosion.

Extruded Hood Design

Stylish, durable and engineered to accommodate wide spans without deflection.


Easy installation for new or existing construction

Our authorized dealer network can easily install your screen into new construction or retrofit applications for residential or commercial buildings.

Made to your specifications to match any branding or themes you have.

Magnatrack Custom Size

Commercial screens can be made 26’ wide and 16’ tall, accommodating many openings.

Magnatrack Archways

We currently outfit several restaurant and hotel chains nationwide.

*limitations apply

Gaposa motors and control systems

Gaposa provides the most advanced, most reliable home automation systems in the world. With Gaposa, your screens integrate seamlessly with the rest of a modern ‘smart home’ environment.

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Built-in obstacle detection

Eliminates the worry of common rewrap situations.

App control

Control up to 32 different screens with the Gaposa Roll Up App.

Set up to 10 schedules

Set your shades to go up or down with the sun.

Gaposa 3rd party integration

With: Lutron, Savant, Control4, Creston.

Remote control

Choose from hand-held and in-wall remotes.

Works with:


Proudly Manufactured in the USA

Our world-class motorized screen system is proudly manufactured in the USA with headquarters based in Sarasota, FL. As a Hunter Douglas owned and operated business every client is important to us and our world class customer service representatives are glad to assist you with any questions you may have.


Quality construction and materials

Each one of our shades is carefully crafted to your project specifications by an experienced team. It then goes through several quality control inspections during each process to ensure you’re getting the best product.


Customize your system

We have six classic standard extrusion colors that complement any style. If you’re feeling more creative or need to match an existing frame, we can color match and create a custom color to your liking from our RAL selection. Our screens come in a variety of colors, textures and opacities. All of our screens provide high quality shade and protection to your space, so you can enjoy them worry free for years to come.




Silver Pearl


Night Sky


Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Magnatrack?

MagnaTrack screens are the world’s ONLY self-correcting motorized screens. This means you’ll eliminate 98% of all costly service calls… and you’ll avoid having to replace damaged inferior screens that break easily. Dollar for dollar, MagnaTrack is the highest quality, best long-term investment for your screens needs — by far.

Is there a warranty included?

Yes! We offer the industry’s BEST warranty:
– Limited lifetime on aluminum;
– 15 years on screens;
– 5 years on motors;
– 2 years on remotes;
– 1 year on vinyl.
Learn more

How much does it cost?

All screens jobs are 100% custom… so there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The best way to know the cost for your project is to request a 100% free quote by clicking the ‘Contact dealer’ button on this page.

Is installation included?

Yes! Our local dealer network quotes you prices that include materials plus installation. With MagnaTrack you always get full-service treatment.

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