The Top 5 Most Popular Uses for MagnaTrack Screens

Whatever the issues that are hampering your perfect setup, MagnaTrack screens provide the solution. Let’s take a look a few of the more common issues folks face, and how we solve them

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Defender Hurricane Screens – The Strongest Screens on Earth

We’re proud to say our hurricane Defender screens held up to the harshest punishment the storm could throw at them: 144mph winds and relentless walls of water and debris...

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Only with MagnaTrack

Manufactured in USA

Our world-class motorized screens are custom fabricated by top craftsman in the U.S.A. We’re headquartered in Sarasota, FL.


We only use the finest quality materials and components built to withstand the most rigorous conditions.


Eliminate 98% of costly service calls... avoid replacing expensive, easily-damaged competitor screens... and enjoy the strongest warranty in the industry (10 years).