The Top 5 Most Popular Uses for MagnaTrack Screens

There’s a reason outdoor living forms the largest subset of all home improvement projects today:

Everyone loves spending more quality time outdoors!

Nothing else provides you a healthier, happier, more fulfilling home or business environment.

But… enjoying your ‘outdoor room’ is not as simple as just setting up some furniture, a table, or a flatscreen TV.

There are a lot of challenges facing those who are trying to create the perfect outdoor living oasis, like:

Maybe the sun is blistering bright and hot in the afternoon…

Or maybe you have swarms of mosquitoes to contend with…

Maybe your neighbors are just a little too close for comfort…

Or maybe the wind gusts without warning and ruins your peaceful environment.

Whatever the issues that are hampering your perfect setup, MagnaTrack screens provide the solution.  Let’s take a look a few of the more common issues folks face, and how we solve them:


Our solar screens dull the most piercing sun rays and end squinting in your outdoor areas forever. They bring the temps down and your comfort levels up.

Plus they bring down your power bills to boot! – an investment that pays for itself over time, through lower power bills.


Mosquitoes, ‘noseeums,’ gnats and more will be a thing of the past in your outdoor living areas. One simple press of the button lowers the screens to keep the bugs out and end their nuisance forever.

Unlike traditional static screen enclosures, you don’t need to remain ‘screened in’ the whole year through. Enjoy your outdoors screen free in certain times of the year, then lower them down to block the bugs out in the heart of ‘bug season.’


Nosy neighbors no more! MagnaTrack privacy screens keep your outdoor areas free from prying eyes. It’s the best of both worlds: You can see out, but others cannot see in.

These are perfect for tighter subdivisions, where your neighbors can be just a little too close for comfort. The screens also help dampen sounds, so you’ll hear less from next door, while keeping your own conversations and activities less intrusive as well.


You go through all the hassle of planning the perfect outdoor dinner party: the beautiful tablecloth, the fine linens and flatware, the candles. Then WHOOSH! The wind crashes through and wrecks the whole affair.

Never let that happen again with MagnaTrack screens. Our standard screens are rated for up to 75mph wind gusts. Simply lower the screens to maintain the perfect outdoor environment for any event – or simply lounging with family and friends.


Certain breezes are special… like the gale force winds inside a hurricane. Never fear, MagnaTrack offers the perfect storm solution too…

Our Defender line of screens are woven with patented kevlar-like fiber. It’s so strong, the screens can withstand the strongest hurricanes on earth: Category 5 storms, with winds above 156mph.

As your neighbors work for hours prepping their patios for the storm – bringing furniture inside, removing appliances like flat screen TVs, installing heavy, ugly metal shutters – you simply press a button, lower the screens, and relax.

Your patio and everything inside it are protected… guaranteed.

Ready to learn more about MagnaTrack at your home or commercial venue? Our dealer network is standing by to assist you with a free estimate! Let us know what you’d like, and we’ll connect you with a local rep right away.