Defender Hurricane Screens – The Strongest Screens on Earth

“We just went through Hurricane Ian in Naples, FL and we can’t say enough good things about them! Worth the money for sure.”

The comment above was just one of many words of encouragement and gratitude we received in the wake of Hurricane Ian, in late September 2022.

Florida’s governor defined the hurricane as a “500 hundred year storm.” The wake of destruction left in its path up the southwest coast of Florida caused billions in damage and, sadly, even death.

Naples, FL – the home of the folks who sent in this comment – was pretty much ‘ground zero’ in the storm’s main impact zone. Yet we’re proud to say our hurricane Defender screens held up to the harshest punishment the storm could throw at them: 144mph winds and relentless walls of water and debris.

It shouldn’t come as any surprise, however…

Our patented hurricane defender line is rated to withstand the strongest hurricanes on earth: Category 5 storms. These storms pack sustained winds of over 156 mph.

The secret lies in our kevlar-like mesh construction. It doesn’t just protect you from winds and rain… but flying objects that have been turned into missiles from the storm’s awesome force.

This lets you simply lower your patio screens before the storm hits… then relax, as the screens form a shield to protect your furniture, valuables, and windows inside.

That’s not their only benefit, either. With Defender screens you never have to:

– Scramble to break down your patio and bring all your furniture and appliances inside

– Board up patio openings or patio windows

– Purchase expensive impact glass for your existing arcadia doors or windows

– Purchase unsightly and bulky metal shutters for your patio windows and doors

– Manually install and uninstall any of the other means of protection mentioned above

One click to your remote or smartphone is all it takes! Voila, you’ve done all your patio hurricane preparation.

It couldn’t be any easier… or provide sounder peace of mind.

Just let us know if you want to join the ranks of the hurricane-ready patio owners…

We’ll connect you with a local dealer who can measure your property and tell you exactly what it will take to bring this vital-yet-oh-so-easy protection online at your home or business.