Why MagnaTrack Over All the Others

There are many retractable screens on the market… but only ONE brand that looks and functions like a screen… but has the resilience of a brick wall:


MagnaTrack’s patented technology utilizes rare earth neodymium magnets – the strongest on earth. This durability means you’ll have 98% fewer expensive maintenance calls with MagnaTrack, compared to every other system on the market.

Case in point: Most competitor products utilize zippers on the ends of the screens…

Break just ONE zipper tooth – say, by accidentally walking into the screen – and you’ve destroyed your entire system. The whole expensive screen must be replaced…

Not with MagnaTrack. 

The magnets line the outside edges of the screen. They provide a powerful but flexible tensioning system that keeps the screens looking smooth and taught…

…while preventing the occasional collision with the screen from ever becoming a problem. The magnets just snap the screen right back into place.

And even IF the screens ever come off their track… simply roll the screens back up above the problem point. When you lower them down again, you’ll find the edge of the screen exactly where it’s supposed to be.

Other screens would require an expensive service call to fix the screen with a costly ‘rewrap.’ But with MagnaTrack, it’s right back to business as usual… immediately after the problem appears.
Look, a home or business owner makes a big investment in buying ANY sort of retractable screens solution…

…wouldn’t you prefer a brand that takes the chance of catastrophic damage to almost ZERO… and ends 98% of costly maintenance calls to boot?

Only MagnaTrack offers beautiful, high tech retractable screens… with the strength of ‘retractable walls.’

That makes them the best made, strongest, most valuable motorized screens in the world.

Want to inquire further about MagnaTrack screens? Or perhaps you’d like a local dealer to come out to your home for a free estimate? Let us know, we’re here to serve you however you need!